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Quinn's Pumpkin Patch from Doors on the Green.

Halloween in Amherst is a bit different than other places -- and pretty amazing. It runs from 6:00 - 8:00 on Halloween Day, itself. Instead of kids wandering in dribs and drabs throughout town, they descend en masse upon the Green -- something north of a thousand of them. In preparation for this, candy can be donated at collection sites (Moultons and the library), which is then distributed to houses around the Green. There's also a relatively new addition, Doors on the Green, where people who don't live on the Green can rent a space -- and a door -- from the Rec department and the Makerspace for the evening. The doors are usually decorated, and stood along the pathway in the Green by the Town Hall. The Boy Scouts cook up hot dogs, chili and so forth, and Mike's Auto hands out full-size candy and has characters on-hand to greet the kids. Doors on the Green also has a "Toddler Time," from 5:00 - 6:00, for the little ones and/or those for whom the experience could be considered sensory overload.